Reports, Daily Logs, Sales and Commission Records Concerning Travellers

Scope and Content

This file contains daily logs for each traveller - the date, town and amount [of sales to each customer], May 1890; lists of towns visited by each traveller, with a note of the number of customers who bought in the year ending September 1890; lists of towns for some travellers, with the number of customers and amount [of sales] in 1891; a list of travellers with the amount of salaries commission for the first and second halves of 1890; a list of towns (in Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent, Berkshire) visited by one traveller (Judd), with the number of customers, amount of sales in 1891 and population. The file also contains reports [by a Sales Manager or Director] on the days spent accompanying travellers on their rounds, October 1892-November 1892.

Additional Information