General Account / Analysis Book

Scope and Content

This book contains gross sales, 1870-1953; profit and loss and other calculations, 1870-1923; relation of yearly and half-yearly expenditure to each £100 of gross sales, 1888-1922; a summary of departmental accounts (Elect Cocoa, Lemonade, other cocoas, Cake, Cream and Confectionery, Gum and total), 1899-1910; sales and expenditure analysis for Elect Cocoa, 1897-1921; and an analysis of December balance sheets, 1911-1918. Pasted in the volume are: typescript copies of circulars from Tuke and Son and H.I. Rowntree concerning the sale of the cocoa and chocolate business, 1862; and an original printed circular from Tuke and Son concerning the state of the coffee and tea market, 1814.

Additional Information