Scope and Content

  • /1-2 MD entry entries, 1847.
  • /3-6 Letters from Alfred Golland to EBL about John Lomas, March 1941. Golland mentions that his father and John Lomas had Bardsley Medals from Pine Street School. He sends EBL some papers of Lomas for the Medical Library, and a typescript copy of a letter dated 1 August 1843 from Lomas to his father describing the examinations for his Berlin MD.
  • /7 Holograph note re. medical education.
  • /8 Holograph note, re. Lomas' appointment to MRI.
  • /9 Holograph note, J.B. Harrison's autobiography re. Lomas as house surgeon at MRI.
  • /10 Holograph note, Jordan, Jordan re. Lomas lecturing at Chatham Street Medical School.
  • /11-13 Holograph note, MRI minutes 1836-1838.
  • /14-15 Holograph note, MRI minutes, probably about a different John Lomas or John Lomax, who received his certificate of medical practice in 1843.