Scope and Content

  • /1 Letter from Jesse to [?] 4 February 1844, requiring printing of copies of an item [this may be Jesse's paper delivered to the Manchester Medical Society 'Observations on haemorrhage and exfoliation after amputation'.
  • /2 -4 Holograph notes MRI minutes references to Jesse
  • /5 Holograph note Manchester City News 'Notes and queries' 2 August 1879, reference to Jesse.
  • /6 Holograph note recognised by Society of Apothecaries to teach anatomy, 1827.
  • /7 Holograph note entry in Baines, Directory.
  • /8 MD entry 1847
  • /9 Holograph note from Dr Brockbank's notes, biographical details about Jesse.
  • /10 Holograph note from Slugg, Reminiscences.
  • /11 Holograph note 'Jacobite trials at Manchester 1691' Chetham Soc Vol. XXVIII, a manuscript on which based is in possession of John Jesse.
  • /12 Holograph notes concerning Jesse from Brockbank's correspondence.
  • /13 Typescript transcript of obit. for Jesse from Journal of the Linnaean Society Vol. VIII 1865.
  • /14 Letter from Godfrey Mellor (solicitor) to EMB, 22 June 1926, responds on behalf of Mrs. S Jesse (Jesse's daughter) encloses a photograph and a transcript from an unknown newspaper of the obituary of Jesse.
  • /15 Typed copy of obituary of Jesse from unknown newspaper (see /14).
  • /16 Letter from EMB to Librarian of the Royal Society, requesting information about Jesse's election as fellow of the Royal Society in 1842; reply by A H White (Librarian ) on dorse of letter stating entry on roll of the Fellows and circumstances of Jesse's election which was due to his astronomical researches not his medical work.
  • /17 Letter from Charles Leigh (University of Manchester librarian) to EMB, 30 July 1926, enclosing a biographical sketch of Jesse [?] and given details of honours held.
  • /18 Typescript note from Slugg, Reminiscences.
  • /19 Letter Edna Wadsworth, assistant librarian of the Royal Astronomical Society, to ENB, 7 August 1926, information about Jesse's election as fellow of the Society in 1841.
  • /20-22 Photographic prints (various sizes) of portrait of Jesse [presumably same as mentioned in /14] *mx.