Scope and Content

  • /1 MD entries 1856, 1869, 1886.
  • /2 Holograph note re. report of his death in the MD 1891.
  • /3 Holograph note re. MD entry 1857
  • /4-5 Holograph notes re. content of a manuscript of Orr's lent to EBL by J Wellesley Orr, containing details of medical cases witnessed by Orr and other subjects
  • /6 Holograph note, notes made by EBL in conversation with J Wellesley Orr 1935, notes Orr's connections with freemasonry.
  • /7 Holograph note references to Orr in the Manchester Royal School of Medicine minute book.
  • 8-15 bundle of correspondence with J. Wellesley Orr, 25 October 1935-9 Dec 1936, biographical information about Orr and loan of manuscript G W Clarkson to Leech 16 December 1935 (vicar of Fleetwood) re. an window dedicated to Orr at this church, and H. Hewlin of Hesketh lodge no.950 [Freemasons] to EBL 7 February 1936, re. Orr's connections with freemasons.
  • /16 Photographic print of a portrait of Orr *mx