Scope and Content

  • /1-2 Holograph notes re. baptism and burials of Minshull's children 1638-1702.
  • /3 Holograph note from Local Gleanings of Lancashire and Cheshire Vol. 1, deeds referring to Minshull.
  • /4 Holograph note, 'AAM's note [A.A. Mumford], biographical note about Minshull.
  • /5 Holograph reference in hearth tax records.
  • /6 Holograph note, civil war tract referring to Minshull.
  • /7 Holograph note, name in Manchester court leet record of 1735.
  • /8 Holograph note, Minshull's brother in law, John Lightbown.
  • /9-12 Holograph notes references to Minshull, in Newcome's Diary (Chetham Vol. 18).
  • /13 Holograph note genealogy of Minshull family in Dugdale's Visitation of Lancashire.
  • /14 Holograph note from Local Gleanings of Lancashire and Cheshire, Minshull's property in Ardwick.
  • /15 Holograph note references in 'Life of Humphrey Chetham' (Chetham Soc vols 49 and 50].
  • /16 Holograph from Palatine Note Book, recorded as signing a protestation in 1641.
  • /17 Holograph note from 'Notes and Queries' Manchester City News 14 April 1888, Minshull's ownership of Hough Hall, and marriage of Thomas Minshull's widow [must be Minshull's son given dates] to Royer Aytoun.
  • /18 Holograph note from Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society Vol. 50, references to Chetham's Hopsital notebooks.
  • /19 Holograph note Manchester City News 'Notes and Queries' reference to Minshull family.
  • /20 Holograph note Autobiography of Mr Langley of Prestwich (Chetham Society Vol. CIII), references to Minshull.
  • /21 Holograph note family tree of Minshull family.
  • /22 Holograph note will of Marie Holbrooke leaving money to Minshull.