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  • Review of Murphy by Samuel Beckett, Watt by Samuel Beckett, Flight of the Bat by Donald Gordon, The Cunninghams by David Ballantyne and The Run of the Night by Peter de Polnay, for Spectator, completed 3-4 Dec 1963, published 13 Dec 1963.
  • Review of What Is Remembered by Alice B. Toklas, for Spectator completed 13 Oct 1963, published 6 Dec 1963.
  • Review of The Trial of Marie Besnard by Marie Besnard translated by Denise Folliot, The Unknown Citizen by Tony Parker, Prison: A Symposium edited by George Mikes, for Spectator, completed 11 Sep 1963, published 27 Dec 1963.
  • Review of Feather from the Green Crow by Sean O’Casey, edited by Robert Hogan, for Western Daily Press, completed 18 Aug 1963, published 20 Aug 1963.
  • Review of A Group Anthology edited by Edward Lucie-Smith and Philip Hobsbaum, and Contemporary American Poetry selected and introduced by Donald Hall, for Outposts, completed 1 Aug 1963, published 5 Oct 1963.
  • Review of The Gypsies by Jean-Paul Clébert, translated by Charles Duff and Gipsies: Forgotten Children of India by Chalman Lal and others, for Spectator, completed 12 Jun 1963, unpublished.
  • Review of Older Children’s Non-Fiction, for Spectator, completed 22-23 May 1963, published 7 Jun 1963.
  • Review of Father Joe by Joseph Williamson, for Spectator, completed 16 May 1963, published 31 May 1963.
  • ‘Paperback Cribs and Plays’, for Spectator, completed 9 May 1963, published 25 May 1963.
  • ‘Paperback Planning’, for Spectator, completed 5 May 1963, published 23 May 1963.
  • Review of Twelve Plays of Strindberg translated by Elizabeth Sprigge, for Spectator, completed 1 May 1963, published 25 May 1963. Plus Additions, 15 May 1963.
  • Review of New Departures Four edited by Michael Horovitz, for Western Daily Press, completed 23 Apr 1963, published 7 May 1963.
  • Review of Penguin Modern Poets 3 by George Barkerm Martin Bell and Charles Causley, Countermoves by Charles Edward Eaton, Alcaic Poems Friedrich Hölderlin, with translations by Elizabeth Henderson and The Lightning Makes a Difference by Hubert Witheford, for Outposts, completed 18-19 Apr 1963, published 17 Jun 1963.
  • Review of Experimental Drama edited by W.A. Armstrong and Karel Ĉapek by William E. Harkins, for Spectator, 20-21 Apr 1963, published 11 Apr 1963. .
  • Review of The Anatomy of Satire by Gilbert Highet, for Western Daily Press, completed 19 Mar 1963.
  • Review of A Reader’s Guide to the Contemporary English Novel by Frederick R. Karl and Postwar British Fiction by James Gindin, for Spectator, completed 18 Mar 1963, published 3 May 1963.
  • Review of Cinnamon Shops and other stories by Bruno Schulz, The Director’s Wife and other stories by Brian Glanville, The Saucer of Larks by Brian Friel, A Piece of Land by Noel Hilliard, for Spectator, completed 28 Feb 1963, published 29 Mar 1963. Addition to review of 'Short Stories from Four Centuries'.
  • Review of The Whale Killers by Douglas Livesidge, Hunting the Desert Whale by Erle Stanley Gardner and Freshwater Fishes of the World by Günther Sterba translated and revised by Denys W. Tucker, for Spectator, completed 13-14 Feb 1963, published 22 Mar 1963.
  • Review of The Screens by Jean Genet, for Western Daily Press, completed 12 Feb 1963, published 25 Mar 1963.
  • Review of The Pattern of English Building by Alec Clifton-Taylor, for Spectator, completed 31 Jan 1963, published 15 Feb 1963.
  • Review 'Double Unicorn', reviewing 'Unicorn' Autumn and Winter edited by Norman Harvey, for Western Daily Press, completed 27 Jan 1963, published 18 Feb 1963.
  • Review of The Queen's Mate by Oswell Blakeston, for Western Daily Press, completed 25 Jan 1963, published 25 Feb 1963.
  • Review of Rails Through the Clay by Alan A. Jackson and Desmond, for Spectator, completed 14-17 Jan 1963, published 25 Jan 1963.


  • Review of The Classical Language of Architecture by John Summerson, for Western Mail, 13 Dec 1964.
  • Review of The Assassination Bureau, Ltd. by Jack London, Tales of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett, The Hornblower Companion by C.S. Forester and Modern African Stories ed. by Ellis Komey and Ezekiel Mphahlele, for Spectator, completed 9 Dec 1964, published 17 Dec 1964.
  • Review of The Lost City by John Gunther, Twelve Months, Mrs Brown by Kathleen J. Smith, The Monkey Game by Graeme Kent, The Paper Dolls by L.P. Davies and Deep is the Blue by Max Ehrlich, for Spectator, completed 12 Nov 1964.
  • Review of Late Call by Angus Wilson, for Spectator, completed 1 Nov 1964, published 13 Nov 1964.
  • Review of Young and Sensitive by Don Robson and The Day of the Bugles by David Bean, for Socialist Commentary, completed 30 Sep 1964, published 29 Oct 1964.
  • Review of short stories, Festival Night by Cesare Pavese, translated by A.E. Murch, Beggar My Neighbour by Dan Jacobson, Lost Upon The Roundabouts by A.L. Barker, A Pocketful of Rye by Anthony Masters, Stories from the London Magazine edited by Alan Ross, To Catch a Spy edited by Eric Ambler and Thy Neighbours Wife edited by James Turner, for Spectator, completed 21 Sep 1964, published 16 Oct 1964.
  • Review of F.A. Book for Boys, for Observer, completed 26 Aug 1964, published 30 Aug 1964.
  • Press cutting of review of The Novels of Samuel Beckett by John Fletcher, The Lamp and the Lute by Bonamy Dobree, The Guns of Elsinore by Martin Holmes and Wordsworth and the Poetry of Sincerity, for Spectator, completed 14 Aug 1964, published 28 Aug 1964.
  • Review of To Build a Ship by Don Berry, Town Parole by Alex Hamilton, Quick, before it Melts by Philip Benjamin, Reach for the Ground by R.F. de la Reguera and Mercenary Prince by Charles Durbin, for Spectator, 27 May 1964.
  • Review of Children’s books in general, for Spectator, 20 May 1964.
  • Review of Notes While Travelling by Brian Higgins, Thirty Three Poems by Jeremy Robson and Western Time by Keith Wright, for Ambit, 8 May 1964.
  • Review of How It Is by Samuel Beckett, Play, Words and Music and Cascando by Samuel Beckett, for Spectator, 7 May 1964.
  • Review of The Tenants of Moonbloom by Edward Lewis Wallant, The Carib Sands by Terence Kelly, The Directors’ Dinner by Charles W. Chapman, Nuts in May by Richard Gordon and Weep Not, Child by James Ngugi, for Spectator, completed 30 Apr 1964, published 8 May 1964.
  • Review of A Fine Madness by Elliott Baker, Tom and Jenny by Kenneth Warner, The Narrow Shore by Louis Battye, The Hand of Mary Constable by Paul Gallico and The Face of a Madonna by Thomas Armstrong, for Spectator, completed 20 Mar 1964, published 8 May 1964.
  • Review of An Edge of Pride by Deane Narayn, The Other Kingdom by Victor Price, Geraldine Bradshaw by Calder Willingham, A Man Beside Himself by Andrew Shonfield and The Biggest Picture by Stanley Price, for Spectator, completed 4 Mar 1964, published 13 Mar 1964.
  • Review of Flaubert, Joyce and Beckett: The Stoic Comedians by Hugh Kenner, for Observer, 23 Feb 1964, unpublished.
  • Review of A Shadow Backwards by Martha Wiley Emmett, The Whistling Zone by Herbert Kubly, Joby by Stan Barstow, O Stranger, the World by Christopher Leach and The Water-Castle by Brenda Chamberlain, for Spectator, completed 5 Feb 1964, published 14 Feb 1964.
  • Review of A Kingdom for My Horse by B.L. Jâcot, Say Not Goodnight by Olga Hesky and Sundry Debtors by John McGhee, for Spectator, completed 9-10 Jan 1964, published 17 Jan 1964.
  • Little Magazine Survey for Observer, completed 6 Jan 1964, published 12 Jan 1964.

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