Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia

Scope and Content

"Responses to first circular, end of 1967": letters from M Burgess, C Drage, P Dukes, E Hill, C Johnson, G Jones, J Keep, A Knowles, A Lentin, I A D Maclean (Macmillan & Co) (also A G Cross copy letter), I de Madariaga, B Malnick, H Pitcher, J S G Simmons, E P Tyrrell, A Vlasto, E Warner, M Wheeler, A Wood, H Willetts (also A G Cross copy letter) (27, 1967-1968, 1970-1971) 1-28. "Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia 1968-" Minute Book: circulars, meeting and international conference agendas, programmes, group photographs etc, notices in journals & newspapers, synopses of papers, exhibition catalogues, 1967-1988, 1992-1993 29. Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia: duplicate, supplementary and additional circulars, meeting agendas, membership list, programmes etc, exhibition catalogues, 1970-1971, 1976, 1978, 1980-1982, 1984, 1986-1991, 1993-1998, 2000-2004 30-74. Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia: letters to A G Cross from J Brown (1982) 75; Rossiiskaia Natsional'naia Biblioteka (SPb) (1995) 76; N Skatov (IRLI Pushkinskii Dom, SPb) (1994) 77; G Smith (1976) 78-80; A G Cross correspondence with British Library/ISBN/ISSN etc (3,1975, 1997) 81-92; High Leigh, Hoddesdon historical information 93-94. Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia International Conferences (see also 29): "GREAT BRITAIN AND RUSSIA IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY: CONTACTS AND COMPARISONS"[: First International Conference...], Norwich, 1977: A G Cross et al correspondence with M P Alekseev, N A Erofeev, A S Fedorov, A T Grigor'ian, M B Khrapchenko, Iu E Kopelevich, ? ? Kulakov, Iu D Levin, G P Makogonenko, W Marsden (British Embassy, Moscow), B B Piotrovskii, V V Pugachev, G K Skriabin, USSR Embassy (London), E M Zhukov (55, 1976-1979) 95-154; conference special issue of "Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter: Conference Special" (1977) 155-156; notices and reports in journals & newspapers, 1977-1978 157-163. "RUSSIA AND THE WEST IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY"[: Second International Conference...], Norwich, 1981: "Ford Foundation, Brit[ish] Council Grant, GB-USSR Grant" (A G Cross correspondence with J Dumbreck, P Mayo, R Peace, A Pravda (British Universities Association of Slavists (BUAS)/National Association for Soviet and East European Studies (NASEES)), British Council, J Roberts (Great Britain-USSR Association), P O'Meara) (19, 1979-1982) 164-186; "Administration (Roger Lloyd), Catering etc [including publicity etc]" (A G Cross et al correspondence with V Kusin (ICSEES International Newsletter), Inter Documentation Company (IDC), M Thompson, J Jones (University of East Anglia), Holdan Books (Oxford), Sir R Preston, Holkham Hall, Collet's (London), R Lloyd (University of East Anglia), Bridewell Consort, GCS Photography (Norwich)) (34, 1979-1981) 187-241; "Exhibition Correspondence" (British Library, W Butler, Cambridge University Library, R Dimsdale, Lord Henniker, P Longworth, University of East Anglia) (14, 1980-1981) 242-259; "Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter; Conference Special" (1981) 260-262; "Correspondence with [...]" (P Dukes, H Grasshof (& G Stone), V Levin, N Pavlenko et al, M Raeff, I Serman) (29, 1979-1981) 263-293; "Panel I: Printing, Publishing & Journalism" (A G Cross et al correspondence with W Gleason, L Hughes, G Jones, H Keipert, G Marker, I Martynov, H Röhling) (27, 1979-1981) 294-321; "Panel II: Ideas" (A G Cross et al correspondence with S Baehr, I de Madariaga, D Griffiths, B Krasnobaev (& W Leitsch), G Munro, T Page, K Papmehl, I-H Ryu) (36, 1979-1981) 322-360; "Panel III: Literature" (A G Cross et al correspondence with M Al'tshuller, M Green, Iu Levin et al, A Levitsky, J Roberti, K Rosenberg, G Smith, M Tétényi) (39, 1979-1981) 361-404; "Panel IV: Transactions with the West" (A G Cross et al correspondence with W Butler, H Huttenbach, M Katz, M Okenfuss, K Rasmussen, L Shur) (20, 1980-1981) 405-426; "Panel V: The Armed Forces, Government & Society" (A G Cross et al correspondence with J Hartley, J Keep, M Kurmacheva et al, P Longworth, B Meehan-Waters, B Menning, P O'Meara, W Pintner, H Ragsdale) (43, 1980-1981) 427-473; "Panel VI: Commerce & Industry" (A G Cross et al correspondence with R Bartlett, A Durie, C Foust, G Jackson, A Kahan, H Kaplan, J Knoppers, D [Macmillan]) (23, 1979-1981) 474-499; "Proceedings, Publication Problems" (A G Cross corespondence with R Bartlett, P Clendenning) (3, 1980-1981) 500-503. "RUSSIA IN THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY"[: Fourth International Conference...], Hoddesdon, 1989: A G Cross et al correspondence with M Bird, British Council, W Brumfield, Collet's, K Craven (& B Meehan-Waters), R Dimsdale, M Di Salvo, A Donnelly, L Dukel'skaia (& B Piotrovskii), N Eidel'man et al, D Farrell, S Garzonio, A Grasshoff et al, M Green, G Hammarberg, A Hanes, E Hill, C Holden, L Hughes, G Jones, J Klein, N Kochetkova et al, A Lentin, Iu Levin et al, M McCauley, I Martynov, B Mironov et al, P Omeara, M Peltzer, M Pursglove (Ford Foundation / BUAS-NASEES Joint Research and Development Committee), H Rothe, M Saray, G Seaman et al, A Sharova, D Shaw (& H Kaplan), G Smith, E Stolbova et al, C Thomas (113, 1987-1989) 504-621; announcement, leaflet, programmes etc, "Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter; Conference Special", Japanese report, High Leigh Conference Centre correspondence etc, 1986, 1989 622-640. "FIFTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE [...]", Gargnano, 1994: circular, programme etc, "Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia Newsletter; Conference Special", group photograph, 1994 641-644. "SIXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE [...]", Leiden, 1999: A G Cross correspondence with Fitzwilliam College (Cambridge), J Klein, R E McGrew, M M Safonov, M Schippan, E Waegemanns (12, 1997-1999); circulars, programmes, handouts etc 645-670. "VII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE [...]", Wittenberg, 2004: programme etc 671-676.

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