Communicable Disease Strategy Group Papers: Surveillance Sub-Group (3rd Meeting)

Scope and Content

Consists of papers sent to delegates intended for discussion at the 3rd Meeting of Chief Medical Officer's Communicable Disease Strategy Surveillance Sub-Group held on 16 December 1999.

  • Includes;

  • Agenda and covering letter;

  • Report from 2nd meeting held on 13 October 1999;

  • Comments by the Hospital Infection Society on 'Surveillance of Hospital-Acquired Infection';

  • Letter from Dr Angus Nicoll, Consultant Epidemiologist at Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) dated 11 November 1999, outlining priorities for surveillance and attaching a paper entitled 'Surveillance - A Synopsis';

  • Draft chapter by Dr Jane Leese of the Department of Health for the Communicable Disease Strategy on surveillance entitled 'World Class Surveillance', dated 9 December 1999, including comments on this draft dated 20 and 21 December 1999;

  • List of questions on surveillance to be considered by the sub-group;

  • And Report from 3rd meeting.

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