Folder containing various Bantu and linguistic materials.

Scope and Content

Folder containing various materials: a. The situation in sociology social anthropology, and psychology in Northern Rhodesia'. b. Circular letter from W F Stubbs, Central Government, Lusaka, Zambia, to Provincial Commissioners advising them on policy. (30/9/1954) c. 'List of English and Common Bantu Lexical April 1972 Items', by J C Sharman, 2 copies, annotated. (April 1972) d. 'Glottochronometry and lexico-statistics: 1973 a possible step forward', by J C Sharman,offprint from the Journal of Eastern African Research and Development, vol 3, no. 1 (2 copies). (1973) e. 'The Nyanja-speaking population of Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia: a statistical estimate', by Guy Atkins, offprint from Africa Studies, 9 (1), (3 copies). f. 'Glottochronometry: some critical considerations in general and for sub-Saharan Africa in particular', 1972 by John Sharman. (post 1972) g. Tss. list of proverbs in English and an African dialect, 2 copies, 1 annotated. h. Photocopies of various articles on African linguistics. i. 'The meaning of mwari' (a Kalanga word), by Terence Ranger. j. 'Gutherie's linguistic terminology and it's application to Bemba', by W. Michael Mann. k. Tss. annotated notes on 'Index of Common Nyanja tenses and other verbal forms'.

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