File labelled 'Word Counts': information concerning vocabularies.

Scope and Content

'Word Counts' containing: a. List of words with word count per million words. b. List of 2276 English words taught in the Unit Method Course Books, 1-4 by A. Myers. Longman's, Green and Co. Limited. Produced by the East African Literature Bureau, Kampala, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam. c. English Vocabulary (A) d. English Vocabulary (B)- non-alphabetical list of "suspect" and "doubtful" words from Carnegie Report, sorted by category. e. List of words from 'Report and Vocabulary Selection', 2 copies with one annotated. f. 'A Selected Vocabulary for Standard IV',22/11/1943 created by the Department of African Education, Northern Rhodesia. 2 different copies, with annotations. (22/11/1943)

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