Folder 'Starred Form Lists': information concerning the Bantu language

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Folder 'Starred Form Lists' containing: a. Tss. 'A comparative linguistic study of North-Eastern Bantu in Kenya and the Gutherie Hypothesis for Nuclear Bantu': 'A preliminary critique of "Comparative Bantu" Part 1, vol 1 et al., and a short report on progress to date.' Mss notes attached, word lists. b. Annotated copies of General Bantu Starred Forms, includes Rukiga, Kamba, and Luganda vocabulary. c. Tss notes on Gusii reflexes. d. Preliminary list of Ki-P'okomu. e. Possible Kamba reflexes of Common Bantu Starred forms. f. General Bantu Starred Form, annotated by P. Pender-Culip, in Lugsin g. 660 word list for Bantu languages in Bukusu (luu-), recorded at Malakisi, near Eldoret, Kenya. (28/3/1973) h. Study by Wilhelm J. G. Mohlig, University of Cologne, and Dr. F. Rottland, Makere University, Kampala.

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