Betty Scharf: Tape Two

Scope and Content

Mentions women professors at LSE: Eileen Power and Lillian Lowell. Disparities re male and female academics. Vice-President of Student Union; stayed at LSE for research work: with Evan Durbin (ED), John Bowlby and Tom Marshall. Influence of Evan Durbin. Further education affected by advent of Second World War. Social work placements: Family Welfare Association - influence of Charles Booth ('London Life and Labour, 1880s'). Experience of factory life: spell in Bird's custard factory, Birmingham. Welfare work in Pilkington. Research writings with Bowlby: 'Forty-Four Juvenile Thieves.' Continued research work with Bowlby and ED at Chattenhouse Library, Oxford until 1940. Scharf's war work as Factory Inspectorate. Awarded Hobhouse prize for sociology studies. Inspectorate colleagues: Helen Gordon and Hilda Brown. Taught Birbeck College students for LSE evening classes. Married Polish husband. Replaced Ginsberg: lecturing in Jamaica. Gave up teaching on return to England: birth of children. Involved in Fabian Society; summer schools. Failure to get elected for local Labour Party: resigned from party, 1981. International affairs: involved in United Nations Association (UNA). Opinions on the Second World War.