'Book I: notes on matters connected with Malacca and the Malay Peninsula generally' / by Dr Charles Otto Blagden

Scope and Content

Among various notes in English are found the following materials:

A: ff. 5v.-44r. Comparative vocabulary of various languages and dialects: Mentra, Jakun, and Bĕsisi of Malacca; Bĕnua; Juru Sĕmang, Kĕdah Sĕmang, Perak Sĕmang (Kĕnĕring); Cĕndariang Sakai, Kinta Sakai; Ijoh Sĕmang, Ulu Sĕlama Sĕmang aboriginal dialects of Ulu Kĕlantan, Ulu Patani, Ulu Rumpin, Ulu Sudau, Orang Utan of Johor; Madek Jakun, Sĕmbrong Jakun; Pantang Kapur; Mantra; Jakun; Perak Sakai. All compared with Khmer and Mon. All romanized; mostly taken from published word-lists. Approx. 150 entries, not all complete for all languages.

B: ff. 45r.-46r. Additional words and phrases in Bĕsisi, with English or Malay equivalents. Romanized. Approx. 100 entries.

C: ff. 47r.-v. Jakun words, with English or Malay equivalents. Approx. 90 entries. Romanized.

D: ff. 48r.-51r. Malay-Mentra vocabulary, collected at Ulu Bemban. Approx. 120 entries. Romanized.

E: ff. 51v.-56r., 61r.-62r. Sakai words and phrases, with English equivalents. Taken from published sources. Romanized.

F: ff. 66r.-68r. Malay-Jakun vocabulary. Approx. 90 entries. Romanized.

G: ff. 70r.-71r. English-Sĕmang vocabulary, from Crawfurd’s Grammar.

H: ff.75r.-78v. Mon-Khmer-’supposed original form’-Malay vocabulary. Approx. 150 entries, not complete in all columns. Romanized.

I: f. 80r. Fishing appliances used in Mĕrlĕman, Jasin district. 12 entries, in Arabic script and romanization, with English descriptions.

J: f. 86r. Names of Malay sweetmeats. 16 entries, romanized, with English descriptions.

K: f. 87r. Malay and Arabic names of the months, in Arabic script and romanization.

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Transferred from the South East Asian Department, School of Oriental and African Studies, 13 November 1973

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European paper, 32 x 20.5 cm.

Archivist's Note

'Book I: notes on matters connected with Malacca and the Malay Peninsula generally [?]' / by Dr Charles Otto Blagden was removed from MS 297483 [Box 3] and reunited with its record series in August 2017 [see MS 381320].

Description based on an entry from 'Indonesian Manuscripts in Great Britain: A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Indonesian languages in British Public Collections' by M.C. Ricklefs, P. Voorhoeve and Annabel Teh Gallop Jakarta Ecole francaise d'Extreeme-Orient, 2014. Reproduced with permission.


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