'Book VI: Notes on matters connected with the Malay Peninsula' / by Dr Charles Otto Blagden

Scope and Content

Among various items in English are found the following materials:

A: ff. 9r.-15r. Bĕsisi text on hunting the siamang (the long-armed black gibbon), with interlinear Malay translation. Romanized. Described as ‘Bĕsisi notes of W.W. Skeat’.

B: ff. 16r.-20r. Adat undang-undang Minangkabau, ‘from a copy in the possession of R. N. Bland S.S.C.S. made by Muhammad Hussein and Laksamana Mamat (11.1.87), the original being in the Nĕgri Sĕmbilan’. Romanized Malay.

C: ff. 59v.-69v. ‘Extract from a MS containing a hikayat followed by the following account of Malay ranks and titles’. A footnote is added to ‘hikayat’ :’Adat Raja-raja bĕrputĕra, etc., written for de Bruijn, Governor of Malacca in 17 …[sic]’. Arabic script, copied from an original MS paginated 1-20. With romanization of the first lines.

D: ff. 71v.-103v. Salasilah Yang Dipĕrtuan mangkat di Tĕlok Kĕtapang Malaka. ‘Copied from a MS in the library of the Straits [Branch of the Royal] Asiatic Society.’ Beginning with the Jambi war of A.H. 1083 [A.D. 1672] (the MS mistakenly has ‘1803’). Dated at the end A.H. 1242 [A.D. 1826]. Arabic script, with partial romanization. From an original MS paginated 1-64. Cf. MS 40507.

E: ff. 104v.130v. Bintang duabĕlas, on the zodiac. ‘Copied from a MS in the possession of Sheikh Abdulrahman, Malay writer. D. O. Alor Gajah.’ Arabic script, with partial romanization.

F: f. 131v. Mystical value of characters of the Arabic script, ‘on the fly-leaf of the MS which follows’ (i.e. of the MS copied in E above).

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Acquisition Information

Transferred from the South East Asian Department, School of Oriental and African Studies, 14 November 1973

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Lined European paper, 31.5 x 20 cm.

Archivist's Note

Description based on an entry from 'Indonesian Manuscripts in Great Britain: A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Indonesian languages in British Public Collections' by M.C. Ricklefs, P. Voorhoeve and Annabel Teh Gallop Jakarta Ecole francaise d'Extreeme-Orient, 2014. Reproduced with permission.