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In this manuscript letter Owen points to a change in direction in regard to his intended audience. He explains that his attention will now fall on the middle classes, as he believes the working classes are "saturated" with as much knowledge of his new system as the "circumstances in which they have been placed through life will permit". He notes this decision was taken despite the middle classes having thus far shown "scarcely any indication" of being acquainted with his ideas; it is now important that many of them should be made to understand.

To support this change in direction, Owen has commenced a new newspaper, the Social Reformer, therefore providing him with an opportunity of addressing the middle classes "in conformity with their associations of ideas which the working men of the New Moral World [newspaper] will not admit".

The letter closes with Owen indicating it was with the purpose outlined in the letter that he recently travelled to Scotland to communicate with [?Mr Owen] in the company of Mr. [Robert] Wallace the MP for Greenock.


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