Letter from E. C. Osbourne to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Osborne writes of his hopes that Owen can attend a party he and his wife are hosting in Birmingham. Mrs Osborne is especially keen for Owen to attend, as it will allow her to demonstrate to her friends that the "Great Apostle of Socialism is not the terrible and dangerous man he is so represented to be".

Discussion turns to Owen's recent visit [and lectures] in Cheltenham, with Owen asked what was the effect of his "agitation" there. Cheltenham is described as a place where the priests have "almost an abstract control" over the people, in particular the upper classes, and Osborne wonders if the "truth" can take hold in that "hotbed of orthodoxy" then "where will it not thrive?". Osborne adds that he believes that the upper classes are under such an "influence of fear" that almost any notion may be impressed upon them, but that "Theology is the greatest barrier...of truth".

Further discussion refers to the clash between "Socialism and Christianity".


Stamped number: 980

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