Letter from James Livingstone to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter James Livingstone thanks Robert Owen for his reply to his first letter. While Livingstone's original intent was to ask Owen several questions, he feels "rather inclined to be confessional." Livingstone informs Owen that as a child he discovered a copy of Jennings Family Encyclopedia, which embraced a system of training, similar to Owen's beliefs. Livingstone continues further to state that years later he gave a copy of this encyclopedia to a "medical gentleman," who took these ideas on but believed that in order to pursue a new way of living he had to "go through a hoax death and a hoax funeral first, to prepare himself to go and join and live in secret with the greatest and ablest of men that England ever produced," who are also living secretly. Livingstone believes these men who are living in secret are preparing themselves for a "mighty change."

Livingstone concludes the letter by asking Owen whether he is aware of a plan that will institute his new system, and if he is aware of the Jennings Family Encyclopedia.


Stamped number: 2074.