Letter from John Finch to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with discussion of Finch's upcoming trip to Manchester and Bolton and of his recent series of lectures in Scotland and the North of England on the subject of "Teetotal Temperance"; the people of Lochmaben, Annan, Dumfries, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paisley, Greenock, Johnstone, Cockermouth, Carlisle, Workington and Kendal all received lectures, with Finch writing as a consequence "[temperance] societies are formed in all these places"; he explains he preaches "Temperance as the forerunner of an improved Social System".

Finch provides a list of places in the North of England and Scotland were Owen will find "friends to the Social System" with details of individual supporters in each town or city being included; Preston, Kendal, Carlisle, Cockermouth, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dumfries are all put forward as places in which Owen has followers.

Finch writes he believes it wise to keep the "Temperance cause" distinct from the "Social System", as religion and politics are excluded from the former; in Liverpool he "fears our people here are far behind other places there is a great deal of religious bigotry which our Temperance Societies cannot yet surmount".


Stamped number: 831