Letter from M Goupy to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter asking Owen whether he has received the 1851 almanck which he has sent him.

Goupy goes on to say that two papers have been stopped in France for laughing at Louis Napoleon's tendency to give coal, meat and champagne to Officers that he passes. Goupy believes the law suit will make him look even more ridiculous and notes that the Duke of Bordeaux is lost by the faults of the Parisians. He believes that the chances of 1852 are becoming more favourable to Joinville or Cavaignac.

Goupy also says he is preparing a drawing of the best bath and wash house possible and hopes this business will carry on.

He concludes the letter by saying that the time is not right for teaching the people and that Owen's publications come a little too soon for them.


Stamped number: 1857