Letter from James Morrison to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Morrison informing Owen that "everything goes on in the most delightful spirit" in Birmingham (where Morrison lives). He writes of arrangements being made to publish a new work called the Pioneer, with the fourth edition already readied for publication. Owen is asked a number of questions regarding the circulation of the Pioneer, this is in order to give the little work "a value" which it otherwise would not possess.

Owen is also requested to write a small article for the Pioneer, one which should "breathe the speech of Owen". Morrison believes "no time should be lost" and has reserved a column for Owen's piece. Morrison adds that [Joseph] Hansom and [Edward] Welch have already consented to write an article.

Morrison explains his decision to retire from the [Labour] Exchange is so he can devote his whole time and energy to the union. He believes that "the union is more likely to accomplish the same great object" - "the Great Moral Revolution", and remarks that "nothing can exceed the cheering hope that inspires the whole of the brethren".


Stamped number: 659