Letters from James Hill and Caroline Southwood Hill to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letters: The first letter is from Caroline Southwood Hill, and she begins by stating that she is very happy that Owen will be visiting soon. Mrs Hill then informs Owen that she has been thinking a great deal on what to do with a child called Miranda. She states that this child has "out grown her circumstances - that she wants companionship and thorough training." But there is nowhere suitable for her. Mrs Hill believes there is only one alternative: that a boarding school for infants of both sexes be established. But later in the letter she concedes that a school of all ages would be a more appropriate project. In any case, she believes she is most suitable to the task and requests Owen's advice on the matter.

The second letter is from James Hill and he states that he will be delighted to see him on Monday, and will make arrangements for his lectures. Hill also informs him that Caroline has written to him about one of her present projects.


Stamped number: 1027.