Letter from Thomas Dudgeon to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Dudgeon writes this manuscript letter from the "Shaker" (United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing) community established at New Lebanon, Columbia County, New York. He opens by thanking Owen for the introduction he wrote on his behalf which allowed him to meet Owen's son Robert Dale Owen.

Discussion of the Shaker community follows, in which he tells of visiting as soon as the opportunity arose and of enclosing a copy of the "Exposition of their Principles" which he obtained expressly for Owen. He continues to give a overview of his thoughts on the community; he believes that the Shakers "act in accordance to their professions" and "have obtained, and are in the direct way of enjoying all the benefits which John Bellars[?] and you [Owen] anticipated from a Community of Social Industry"; tells of meeting several members of the community who, like Dudgeon, can trace their introduction to the community to Owen; believes "it is the only Co-operative Society of a practical nature that presently exists in the world", and one which has flourished for 50 years.

Dudgeon closes the letter by asking Owen to take the time to visit the community.


Stamped number: 418