Letter from James Lowe to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter James Lowe asks Robert Owen to place an advertisement in the New Moral World and several other publications regarding a proposed meeting to be held by the Manchester Association, advocating the principles of Robert Owen. The meeting is to be held at the Co-operative Institution.

Lowe also informs Owen that he and others wait with "great anxiety" regarding the outcome of a congress arranged by Owen, and hopes he will be successful in his "labour for the universal establishment of Human Happiness."

On a separate sheet of paper Lowe gives an account of a woman who is dying from consumption, who is a supporter of Owen's principles. He relates details of how a minister has tried to sway her from these principles by threatening her with the prospect of eternal damnation unless she relinquishes her support for such ideals.


Stamped number: 728.