Letter from Alex Campbell to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter which covers a number of topics; opens with discussion about copies of Owen's letter [in support of Thomas Atkins scheme to build a submarine] being sent to V.P. [Viscount Palmerston] and his son. Talk turns to "tracts" being prepared by Owen, with Campbell suggesting that Owen must ensure that they are distributed "in the hands of those who really feel an interest in the vital work to which they refer".

Suggestion is also made for a "Memorial", similar to one presented by Owen in 1818, to be sent to the Allied Congress being held in Vienna [Austria]. Campbell writes that "similar meetings & Memorials could be easily got up by the friends of Spirit, Social, Progress in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow and other places".

Reference is made to the importance of a "Weekly Penny Paper", with Campbell writing that the first copy could be issued on the 1st April (to give publicity to the proceedings to be held on the 14th May celebrating Owen's birthday [and the launch of the Millennium]); he also suggests it is a good time to release a newspaper as the Newspaper Stamp is "virtually repealed".

The letter closes with considerable details of Campbell introduction of Owen's principles to a Discussion Class held weekly in Oxford town centre.


Stamped number: 2348