Letter from James Nockles to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter in which Nockles writes to enclose a Prospectus of Building Fund for a new Hall of Science [document not enclosed with the letter] and asks Owen for introductions to persons of sufficient means living in Glasgow who may wish to become shareholders in the scheme.

Nockles also encloses two copies of a printed notice for a Course of Lectures on Infidelity, to be given by 12 clergymen; and a printed copy of a Letter and Challenge from the Glasgow Philaletheans to the Glasgow Socialists, positing that "All Atheism is incredible and absurd; But, The Socialist System is Atheistical; Ergo; Socialism is incredible and absurd". Nockles writes that the Socialists can barely be expected to come to terms with the Philaletheans, as "they seem to be too much wrapped up in their own importance and too much bent on getting Victory than to examine for Truth."


Stamped number: 1300

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