Letter from Robert Dale Owen to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter, opening with Robert Dale offering an apology for leaving New Harmony before Robert Owen's expected arrival. A number of public engagements will keep him away for some three weeks. These are partly connected with his position as Trustee of [Indiana] State University and partly political appointments. The importance of the engagements as Trustee are noted, when Robert Dale explains that due to his absence from the last meeting no quorum was made, and a similar outcome this time would "injure" the institution which has currently 150 students and a trust fund of some $100,000.

Robert Dale explains he enclosed copies of the speeches he made to Congress last winter not because Owen will find them particularly interesting, but simply because they are "your Son's". Each of the speeches is said to have been "successful" with circulation in Washington City reaching 25,000 - more than any other member of the House [of Representatives].

All members of the Owen family in America are said to be doing well in every respect except that of "making money". However, though they may have lost money they have not lost "standing or character".

An copy of Robert Owen's statement of account with R. D. Owen and Bros. with a balance of $9,114 is present and In an accompanying note Robert Dale explains that the debt to Owen is "much larger" then he anticipated.

Printed copies of speeches made by Robert Dale to Congress are present. The subjects, location and dates are as follows; Native Americanism, Madison, Indiana, 26 July 1844; Occupation of Oregon, House of Representatives, Washington, 23 and 24 January 1844; Annexation of Texas, House of Representatives, Washington, 21 May 1844; The Theory of Tariff Protection, House of Representatives, Washington, 22 Apr 1844.


Stamped number: 1338

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