Letter from Charles Clyatt to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Clyatt writes in considerable detail of the situation as regards the Social Reformer newspaper: Clyatt affirms that he has worked "zealously" to get the 10 issues of the Reformer published and made the "advance of that Cause [his] first object", adding that the paper has achieved a "large circulation for a new paper" of around 500 despite little or nothing being spent on publicising the paper.

Financial matters are then discussed in detail; the paper running at a loss, but if the methods of distribution are changed - with the "Branches [? of the Universal Community Society]" being required to take a certain number of copies at the full price of three pence - stopping production of the paper now would be "madness". Cylatt explains that under such a scheme a profit can be made, and this profit would be paid back into the [Universal Community] Society and therefore "in furthering the interests of the Social Reformer the different branches would be aiding themselves".

Once profit was made, if Owen then wished to dispose of the paper, this should not prove difficult, owing to Owen's connections with "capitalists"; Mr [Isaac] Goldsmid suggested as a possible purchaser being that he desired an "organ to advocate the civil rights of the Jews".

Discussion turns to the relationship between the two newspapers, Social Reformer and The New Moral World, with Clyatt suggesting a lack of harmony between the two when asking "why should The New Moral World be exclusively patronized?", before adding that he feels "it cannot bear comparison with the Social Reformer"; Clyatt's desire to work in a "Liberal Spirit" with The New Moral World being foiled with that paper "pursuing quite a different course".


Stamped number: 1204