Letter from E. T. Craig to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Craig refers to the possibility of setting up a "Labour Exchange Bazaar "in Dublin, Ireland; writes that "there is no city that can be better adapted for these institutions where there is a super abundance of food, which has to be exported for want of a medium of exchange whist there are thousands perishing for the lack of the common necessities of life"; hopes that Owen will once again visit Ireland and raise support for the Bazaars.

Discussion turns to the arrival [at the community at Ralahine] of a "Reaping Machine"; the "Cooperators gave the machine a most hearty welcome" which is, Craig states, much different to anywhere else [in Ireland] where opposition to machinery would see the machine "broken into a thousand fragments and those who might have superintended it have paid dearly for their temerity". Many visitors have been to see the machine in action, including Lord Wallscourt of County Galway who intends to "begin operations [with a machine]".


Stamped number: 364