Letter from Geo. A. Fleming to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Fleming discusses Owen's planned return to the Continent without first visiting Fleming and his associates [in the National Community Friendly Society]. Fleming finds the idea to be "unpalatable" as there is an "urgent and pressing necessity" [to visit Manchester and help with the progress being made with the Society]; the Board and Fleming concur it is vital Owen visits them "for a season at least", at a time which Fleming describes as a "critical juncture of our affairs".

Fleming writes he believes Owen should concentrate his energies in Manchester and the surrounding areas, there is plenty of "land to cultivate", rather than on the Continent where Owen will have to "break new soil". Owen's presence is thought necessary if the setting of a community (the aim of the Society) is not to "be added to the list of failures - a second edition of Orbiston".


Stamped number: 955

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