Letter from Robert Dale Owen to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with discussion regarding the recent death of Robert Dale's sister Anne, who is described as as being one of the best, if not the happiest, of people who was most at ease when employed in "training of the young mind" [teaching].

Discussion of Robert Dale's feelings towards a lady named 'Margaret' follow. He believes her to be less than sincere and someone whom he could not "trust his happiness" in. His brother William is put forward as a possible suitor as he "not so fastidious".

Recently Robert Dale has had "quite enough" on his hands and in the last year he has ridden some 3500 miles and has written not less than 1000 foolscap pages for the benefit of the public. His work has been spread throughout the country and is making a "great impression" and the "cause" will be aided with the news that Frances Wright is due to return from France in March (her sister Camille is thinking of staying for the Summer).

The letter closes with Robert Dale remarking on the large number of important world events occurring "with a rapidity which baffles all anticipation!". The outcome of these must be "for good" he feels.


Stamped number: 396

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