Correspondence of M Goupy

Scope and Content

This series consists of 40 letters written by M Goupy to Robert Owen. The focus of the early letters is Goupy trying to encourage Owen to buy half of The Liberte [newspaper]. In the later letters he also encourages Owen to publish material in France. He frequently updates Owen about the political situation in France. He updates him on the election of Napoleon III and his fears regarding the intentions of his ministers, he writes about the decisions and actions of Napoleon (which he often disagrees with) and France's participation in the Crimean War.

Goupy also shares Owen's belief in Spiritualism and many of letters include details of his experiences of seances and table tipping.

Administrative / Biographical History

M Goupy appears to have been Robert Owen's guide, translator and friend when he visited Paris in 1848. He was in contact with many of Owen's friends and followers and shared similar ideas. In 1849 he was imprisoned for following this cause.