Letter from William Owen to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter detailing the situation with the developing community at New Harmony. William writes that things with the "Society" are going "remarkably well" and believes Owen may not find things quite as he expected. Some of William's expectations have "fallen short" whilst many others have been "considerably surpassed". In terms of health, the situation has been much better than expected considering that many of the inhabitants have some distance and could have been more likely to be affected by the "endemics" of the country.

All the houses are now filled to overflowing, as since Owen left they have taken in "a good many applicants"; Owen is advised to be cautious inviting more people to come until he has been there himself to assess the situation. The community have also been "much pressed to know what to do with those who profess to do any thing or everything".

Owen is warned that he may find the expenses [at New Harmony] more than he had anticipated, although no accurate data for the total expanse has yet been established and Owen is advised not to pay attention to unauthorised reports on this matter.


Stamped number: 78

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

This letter is in very poor condition with the ink burning through the paper in numerous places.


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