Letter from Robert Owen Davies to Madam [Stewart], with a copy of a letter to the Editor of St. James's Chronicle

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens by making reference to the accompanying letter to the Editor of the St. James's Chronicle.

Discussion turns to financial matters, with Davies explaining he has sent to Owen for £20, but until he can pay the principal his agent should regularly remit Owen the interest, but on hearing of "continental demands made upon his [Owen] purse" he feels vexed at making such a request. He explains he requires the money to fulfil his wish for a home for him and his three remaining children to live; he notes his eldest boy was born on the same day that Queen Caroline died.

In the copy of the letter sent to the Editor of the St. James's Chronicle, Davies attempts "at vindicating his [Owen's] Character from the Stigma of Atheism and Libertism" which has been levelled against him in a "most virulent manner by an American Paper" and then copied by the "English Journals".


Stamped number: 240