Letter from Margaret Chappellsmith to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Chappellsmith informing Owen in a comprehensive manner the misfortune which has befallen her sister (who presented this letter to Owen - possibly as he sailed to America on the vessel Victoria). Both she and her husband have been forced to leave there jobs - with Chappellsmith suggesting that in the case of her sister, it is due to her marriage and the perception she is not being sufficiently loyal in her role as head nurse to Lady Elizabeth Dutton. The reason for this lengthy explanation of her sister's circumstance come to light when Chapelsmith writes of her sister and husband's impeding emigration to America; Owen is asked if he knows of any positions for them, and that his "advice would be of great service to them". Chappellsmith continues by describing the break-down of her relationship with her sister due to her actions "ruining the body and mind of a poor friend".


Stamped number: 1334


Geographical Names