Letter from Col. E. Brand to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter: Brand will forward Owen's letter to Judge Edwards in New York, via Liverpool. He is busy at the Foreign Office and can't "spare time" to visit Owen for a month. He regrets the lack of a railway to Sevenoaks: "...it would have been a mere trifle as it would have been only one hour's ride."

The Spirits urge Brand to begin his work, but the atmosphere in London prevents him: "either it is the fog or the air that causes such a great irresolution on my part, that I cannot bring myself to the task of beginning." He has arranged "a little shooting" with Mr. James - "as exercise is so beneficial to my head." He writes that he "used to be fond of duck and snipe shooting", but is no longer "inclined to be a keen sportsman."


Stamped number: 2791


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