Letter from W. H. Ashurst to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Incomplete manuscript letter addressed to Owen in New York. The remaining section of the letter opens with events (unnamed) in England that will "open the minds of men to the conviction that have had too much government and unfortunately bad government" with Ashurst explaining his beliefs that through a common language such events will pass to America and, with the growth of Anglo-Indian institutions, to India.

Discussion then turns to events in India and the "shedding of more blood" with Ashurst clearly indicating his anti-war sentiments; victory has been gained, but 3000 English troops have been "destroyed" and more than that amount of Sikhs; talk in Parliament about the bloody sacrifice and of granting medals to those "organised and legalised slaughterers". Ashurst adds that he has joined a fund set up by the Quakers to distribute copies of an anti-war book to every member of Parliament.

Refers to calls to call up the Militia in England but that "public meetings and protests against it have been very numerous"; Explains that he has arranged with Mr Cooper [Thomas Cooper], said here to be previously a proponent of physical force as a means of change, to give two lectures at the National Association Hall, Holborn [London] on "the doctrine of non resistance"; asks Owen to order him books published by the 'Non Resistance Society', Boston [United States of America].


Stamped number: 1358


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