Letter from John M. Ruce to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter containing detailed discussion of Union matters. Ruce writes of his regret on reading of Owen's resignation from his position of Grand Master [of the British and Foreign Consolidated Association of Industry, Humanity and Knowledge]. Despite Owen's departure, Ruce and his associates in Huddersfield wish Owen to know that they are unwilling to "give up" on their object.

Discussion regarding the payment and usage of contributions follows, with Ruce declaring, that if money the Huddersfield District pays is appropriated for expenses then the "Cause of Union will once and forever be destroyed in the North", but if the money is used for the forming of "Industrial establishments" then the "union would gain strength and respectability though the West Riding of Yorkshire". Ruce writes of the willingness of the Union men of Huddersfield to "raise the drooping spirits of our Brothers".

The letter closes with Ruce expressing the hopes of the Union men of Huddersfield is that Owen will once again take his position of Grand Master, but feels obliged to note that some of their number have been "alarmed" by plans laid out by Owen in edition number 4 of The New Moral World.

In a postscript, Ruce notes the Huddersfield District have raised a levy of sixpence on every new member which will go to the Dorchester families [Tolpuddle Martyrs].


Stamped number: 716


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