Society Prospectus

Scope and Content

Manuscript draft prospectus for the "Society for providing Universal Education and Permanent Employment, by the establishment of Home Colonies, or extended Family Clubs". (In the title the word 'permanent' has been crossed out [?by Owen])

Detailed at length are the reasons for the formation of the Society, with the three aims of the established Society being noted as; to submit plans and estimates for the formation of Home Colonies; to make the subject extensively known to the public; to establish Joint Stock Companies to carry out the first and second aims.

It is noted that the nucleus of the Society has already be formed, and [in pencil] are noted the names of 7 individuals who have consented to act as a Provisional Committee. Those named are: W. Galpin, H. Travis, Thos. Allsop, A, Cuddon, Wm, Clegg, G. Bracher and D. Vines.


Stamped number: 1288