Letter from Geo. A. Fleming to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with Fleming writing of the arrangements he made to have this letter posted to Owen whilst he was in New York.

Fleming discusses at length the situation regarding his new paper The Moral World, and of his former publication New Moral World. He writes of enclosing an article from the former paper, and explains that sales numbered around "700 or 800" - a figure kept low due to 'the Trade' refusing to take copies; a loss is being made; explains he would have been unable to continue so long without the assistance of [Thomas] Allsop and [William] Ashurst who guaranteed the first 8 editions of The Moral World. Writing of the New Moral World, he explains this paper was sold to [James] Hill and since then "the principal contents... have been abuse of you [Owen] and me".

Fleming believes Owen's friends are "alienated and discouraged" and thinks it time to "sit on our oars and wait for the returning tide". The problems facing Owen and his followers are underlined when Fleming remarks, "for the first time these 15 years you will have no voice in the literature of England".

Affairs at Harmony (Queenwood) are discussed, with Fleming stating "little as changed" since Owen left [for America], and explaining the "place will be advertised for sale, for on that point all men in authority seem agreed"; an appeal to purchase the property may be made by Fleming to "influential friends", but seems doubtful as "there is so much weakness hesitation and positive incapacity in all the movements of those most deeply interested".


Stamped number: 1392