Letter from Ernestine L. Rose to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Rose writing of the continuing "difficulties" at the Skaneateles community [New York]; she feels Mr Collins is "not the man for such a great an undertaking" and, despite being good men, some of the other members are "moral cowards".

Reference is made to Madam D'Arusmont [Frances Wright]. Rose writes of her regret in hearing D'Arusmont travelled on the same boat [to America] as Owen; the journey must have been an unpleasant one due to the "spite" and "venge[a]nce" recently expressed toward Owen by D'Arusmont. Rose believes D'Arusmont's "great object" is to get someone in Washington to invite her to lecture in the "House [of Representatives]"; she is a woman of a "good deal of book learning but of a very small mind".

Rose explains her health recently suffered following "severe attacks of depression" and her husband wishes she go to Washington [from New York] for a change of "climate, scenery and society" and likewise to see something of the South. Whilst there she would like to make herself "usefull" and carry out some work on Owen's behalf. She expresses her willingness to "dispell error and disseminate the Truth" but writes at length of her disagreement with the views of [Charles] Fourier which hold out "false and deceptive promises to Rich and Poor".


Stamped number: 1344