Letter from Robert Dale Owen to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with discussion regarding the remittance of money to Owen. Robert Dale writes that [David] Dale, who has just returned from Wisconsin, is now "our chief monied man" and having funds available will forward some to Owen. For is part, Robert Dale has sent the signed Power of Attorney for the New Lanark Co. and the money raised from this action will be available to Owen.

Discussion turns to the reasons for Robert Dale's recent defeat in the state election for Congress, with Robert Dale remarking he believes his father has been misled by "Young America", and in fact the main reason for his defeat was "the subject of religion" which was raised by his opponent at every opportunity. Robert Dale explains that the Methodists were "numerous, powerful and well organised body" who banded together to defeat him. Robert Dale states that his reputation is quite "heterodox enough".

Further discussion is of Robert Dale's forthcoming activities; he will lecture before the Mercantile Library Association of Ohio and is also engaged in editing a work on public architecture for the [Smithsonian] Institution. The latter, despite being in Owen's eyes and unimportant subject, will give Robert Dale a "standing among many who are prejudice among me".

David Dale is said to have "succeeded well" with his [geological] survey of Wisconsin making some "valuable [?] discoveries" near Lake Superior.


Stamped number: 1533

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