Letter from Richard Owen to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter opening with Richard writing of receiving a letter from his brothers which required him to attest a bond, but as he is unsure of what to do will ask "the Major" for assistance.

Richard also remarks upon receiving "pleasing intelligence" regarding Owen's success with the "cause" he has long laboured with. He understands there has been a "great advance" in liberal opinions in Britain in recent years.

Discussion follows of Richard's life working as a brewer in Cincinnati. He explains he has now been there for one year, the business appears to agree with his health and he likes the work. Owen's belief that "constant occupation" contributes greatly to happiness has each day become more apparent and Richard's feels "every young man should have a trade or profession". Further discussion of the brewing industry follows and a request for the address of Mr [John or Isaac] Walker made so that Richard may gain some further knowledge of the process.

The poor health of Martha [his daughter] is remarked upon, with the climate and other "weakening causes" being responsible for her having to return to New Harmony. This despite Harmony being described as "sickly" this year.


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