Letter from Reverend Edward Groves to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter updating Owen on the progress of co-operation in Dublin. He says that at the moment any attempts to introduce co-operation in Dublin are useless because the public mind is concerned with the reform and repeal of the Union. He notes, however, that a recent visit to Belfast has revealed that progress is been made in the north where he found several trading co-operative societies.

Groves goes on to say that they need a central point where more active friends and agents of the system can meet each year. He suggests that Liverpool would be the most convenient place to meet. He also says that they want a weekly publication to disseminate their ideas and believes London to be the best centre for this publication. He also says that they need a place of education to test and teach their ideas and finally a little green spot where a few co-operators could put the system to the test.


Stamped number: 409


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