Letter from Robert Owen to Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland

Scope and Content

Rough draft of manuscript letter: Owen declares that they are living in the "most extraordinary period that has occurred in the history of the human race," and that a revolution is upon them that will be "highly beneficial to all in every country." Though he admits that this revolution is not yet "comprehended by the public," Owen states its "necessity" is "strongly felt."

Commending Victoria on her benevolence and good character, Owen states that she and her government must act to help prepare the public for the great change that will be brought about by this revolution.

Owen states that the world and its inhabitants have been shaped and governed by the view that the quality of somebody's existence is based upon their own will, for example a person living in poverty has brought it upon themselves. He dismisses this and states that a person's character is based upon the "all encircling power of the universe" and their living conditions. The revolution, which he states is in progress, will do away with this "false and injurious notion."

According to Owen the creation of a peaceful transition between the old system of "falsehood and evil" and the new system of "truth and goodness" is paramount, especially as "the population of the civilized world will not[sic] longer submit to the continuance of a system which keeps them in ignorance, poverty and crime." Owen states that Victoria and her government should appoint a commission to investigate the systems of government, in order to avoid a civil war.


Stamped number: 1631.