Letter from Robert Dale Owen to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter containing lengthy discussion regarding the Will of the late "Aunt Margaret". The actual sum to be inherited [by Robert Dale and Robert] is unclear, this is due the possible owing of money for Aunt Margaret "support" whilst she was living with the family at Braxfield. Robert Dale remarks Owen should receive what he is owed and that "justice" should be done, not least as he supposes his aunts are "as well off, if not better, than we are".

Good news has been received from New Harmony, where all is well and business is prospering. The Trust Estate has been valued at $38,000, which means Owen will receive a yearly income of $1500.

The letter closes with Robert Dale writing of his "careful study" prompted by the "extraordinary manifestations" which Owen had brought to his attention in London. He explains his focus has been works on Magnetism, whilst his brother Richard "backs extraordinary work" on the Odic Force; where the research will lead he is unsure.


Stamped number: 2659

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