Letter from Wm. Clegg and Geo. Marshall to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This item consists of two manuscript letters: William Clegg writes the first, and opens by asking Owen to visit him in Manchester and explaining that a Mr John Fielden hopes Owen can visit him in Todmorden, Yorkshire. Fielden is desirous of investigating Owen's principles, but Clegg warns "that he may have some prejudices of the [William] Cobbet school", though he adds that this is only from "a desire to benefit the working classes".

Clegg continues by discussing the current events [in Manchester], writing that he is not aware of what goes on amongst the "Unionists" there, but that the old system, of which Clegg is "a reluctant actor", has allowed him "so far [in his efforts to instil change?]". He adds that "the Men may make partial failure in their attempts to establish a General Union, but they will carry their point at last" and closes by stating that while trade in the area is as well as can be expected he feels that "the Political Economists must surely be getting ashamed of the fruits of their Theories".

In the second letter Geo.[rge] Marshall discusses a number of individuals seemingly known to Owen, and reference is made to Owen making a visit to Mr Fielden in Todmorden. Writes that the Dyer's Union have addressed the masters[?] and wish to form a Union.


Stamped number: 623