Address of The Central Board [of the Universal Community of Rational Religionists]

Scope and Content

Printed address raising the issue of non-payment of subscriptions by members. It is explained, that if the correct amount was being paid it would allow for a further 5 District Missionaries - therefore giving a "powerful impulse" to the progress of the Society.

It is also explained that progress with the community established at Tytherley (Queenwood) is suffering from a lack of sufficient funds, and again the members are called on to ensure they make prompt payments to the Community Fund. In short, the advancement of the Society is being held back by "pecuniary embarrassment", with debts owed to the Board [from the branches of the Society] totalling upwards of £480.

On the rear of the Address is a Financial Report for the period 30th July through to 31st December 1839. The report details the payments made, monies due etc. from the 60 branches of the Society.