Letter from Col. E. Brand to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter: Brand thanks Owen for the pamphlets. He documents his military experience - serving as a volunteer with the British Legions in South America, under the command of Simón Bolívar. Although formerly a soldier, he explains that "I look on it all now as worthy of the dark ages, it is at best legalised murder." Brand relates the story of his conversion to Spiritualism - his experiences as a "writing medium." He regrets Spiritualism's slow progress in Britain and outlines his plan to publish a "scientific work." He encloses a letter from Mr. Tookey, Editor of the Christian Spiritualist.

Enclosed manuscript letter (11 Dec 1855): Mr. Tookey explains that Col. Brand "wishes to know you - and be within the sphere of your influence." Brand is an "earnest Spiritualist" and possesses "the blessing of hearing." Tookey reminds Owen that "I met you at an anti-slavery convention in Boston", and recommends that he "meet with Mr. Phillips...our correspondent in London."


Stamped number: 2793