Letter from Dr. Jacobson to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter, opening with Jacobson explaining he has enclosed a letter from John Fallati, Professor of Modern History and History at the University of Tübingen.

Jacobson writes of his displeasure in hearing of Owen being insulted by commercial travellers at the George Hotel, [Huddersfield] and he feels indignant towards the press for sanctioning the affair [through the reporting it]. He believes "every man who has a soul to comprehend honour and his duty must respect you [Owen] for being a friend to the working classes". States that whilst he is not a Socialist, he is willing to be of service to Owen in France or Germany if so required.

In his letter, Falliti provides an insight into his introduction to Owen - he visited New Lanark and was also present at a lecture Owen delivered, and writes of his hopes of writing Owen's biography. Owen is asked to provide copies of works.

In a further small note, signed by de Valois, [Owen] is asked to provide an answer to Dr. Fallati's question.


Stamped number: 1217

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